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Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
, a bipartisan group of senators spoke in opposition to the measure. >> a once great city, detroit, lies in ruins. 50,000-barrel dogs from the city , abandoned houses ledger the landscape. it is a bleak and for large future that awaits detroit. creditors clamor for nearly $20 billion in debt. city employees wonder if there will be paid. there is not enough money to even replace the street lights and the trick. god forbid a major fire break out. at some level i think the president does care about detroit, but today all i can see is the billions of dollars, the billions of american tax dollars that he chooses to send overseas i see that shiny new technology, america's best going to harm people who are indifferent to us and at worst take us. the president sends billions of dollars to egypt in the form of advanced fighter planes and tanks. meanwhile, detroit's crumbles. chicago is a war zone. more people die in chicago this year than in afghanistan. if the president insists on building a $34 million board in afghanistan, hillary clinton insists on spending $80 million on a consulate in afghanistan th
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm EDT
think it's a real honor to be invited to speak at the detroit economic club at how many people can say my younger brother also spoke at the detroit economic forum and his brother john zogby who i mentioned earlier was here in the fall i believe in september and spoke before us. so we are very happy to have both of you here. they have been very successful with presidential elections but what i think is particularly significant here is that they have been very successful in conducting polls and measuring opinion in countries outside of the united states which has what he is going to talk about today. they correctly called in 2000 when the israeli election of ariel sharon, the 2000 mexican election of felipe a. calderon in 2006 and they have conducted numerous polls in arab countries. so i suppose -- something like predictions are very difficult especially those involving the future. they seem to have a good knack at predicting the future and i know it's through very hard work that they can get there. in 1993 vice president al gore appointed dr. zogby to lead elders for peace following th
Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
americans died over the city of detroit. only then was that a political will to say we now need to use 21st century technology which we have against the terrorists. so if you look at it right now in a world where they only have to be right 1% of the time we have to be right 100% of the time on defense we should use one of our few at images which is technology and the vast majority of the explosive detection systems in place today aren't capable of detecting either this type of clothing soaked in liquid explosives nor are they capable of detecting even say the surgically implanted bombs or something as basic as the underwear bomber. most are designed to do -- magnetometers detect metal. that is not the explosive itself. usually the only medal medal involved as the detonator so if you are able to designed explosives with no metal detector, you effectively have made that system. we are living in the stone age's on most of the magnetometer technology we are using. our one advantage which is bring for this modern advanced imaging technology to allow us to level the playing field in the last thin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3